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Founder & Creative Director, Oxford House Projects

Q: What exactly is Oxford House Projects?

JL: I think of Oxford House Projects as my studio—a place to experiment and create, to inspire, to serve, to entertain, to provoke, to gather, to work and to relax. In other words, Oxford House Projects is more more than just a vintage furniture store on Hollywood Blvd— though we are that too!

Q: Care to elaborate? 

JL: Of course! I think that by now, most of us identify as more than just our "profession" and for many of us, especially creative-minded people, we do more than just one specific "job." To some extent we're all hyphenates. I know I sure am. I'm an author of creative non-fiction who writes about what vexes me most. I'm a designer who loves to find treasures—furniture, textiles and decorative pieces from all over the world, from different periods created by masters, artisans, amateurs—and then to mix them in unexpected ways that create one-of-a-kind magical spaces. And I like to share my awe, wonder and knowledge with others. I like to inspire people to create . Which does not mean extravagantly or even luxuriously. You absolutely don't have to be rich to create a beautiful haven to retreat to from this crazy world we live in.  It's a gift we can all give to ourselves. Have I gone off topic?

Q: Care to elaborate? 

Q: What exactly is Oxford House Projects?

Underlying philosophy of Oxford House Projects is my belief that 

Brining people together in warm, welcoming, transportive, elegant yet relaxed spaces. 


I love to create warm, inviting  magical spaces where guests feel welcome, transported, relaxed yet stimulated and well-cared for. In such settings, Places to visit, entertain, provoke, come together.

Community. Conversation. 

As a Los Angeles native and lifelong lover of 1920's Hollywood architecture, Jennifer was thrilled to open Oxford House Projects on the ground floor of the the French style Guardian Arms residential just blocks from her Los Feliz home.

Vintage Treasures & Interior Design





Loves to periods, shapes, styles, colors and textiles in unexpected and striking ways to create inviting, transportive spaces.


Jennifer's essential ingredients to producing a successful event —be it a wedding, shower, cocktail party, book launch, wellness retreat or a business retreat—are



As the daughter of Carl Schlosberg—a private art dealer for over 50 years—Jennifer's childhood home was an ever-changing gallery. With her father, Jennifer has had the good fortune of visiting artist's studios, galleries, museums, personal collections and auction houses virtually her entire life. After college she went on to receive her MFA from UCLA when she worked with the internationally acclaimed artists  John Baldessari, Lari Pittman, Mary Kelly, Chris Burden and others at a time when the Los Angeles art scene was really taking off. Encouraged by her mentor John Baldessari, Jennifer began writing non-fiction planting the seeds of her career as an author and speaker.

While her personal work took the form of writing books, Jennifer has been a collector, curator and art advisor. In the late 1990's she curated her first exhibition in her West Hollywood apartment featuring the work of Evan Holloway, David Korty, 


Treasure Hunter



A third-generation Angeleno, Jennifer has lived in Los Feliz with her family for the past 20 years.


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